Mark B. Barron Biography

CapitalCrew Entrepreneur and Futurist Mark Barron started his first business in his youth. Decades later, he is still excited by the next new challenge.

Mark Bowen Barron was born on January 15, 1958 in San Diego, California, to former Navy Seal Ace Bowen and his wife Julie. At the age of five, his family relocated to Los Angeles. He began his first business venture at the age of seven, selling baby chicks in front of a grocery market. However, Mark struggled with dyslexia and had a hard time with school. He attended Chaminade, a strict Catholic middle school in the L.A. suburb of Chatsworth, to provide added discipline along with a more structured education. But because of truancy and incorrigibility, the juvenile court sent him to reform school for one year.

After being released from reform school at the age of thirteen, Barron went back to Catholic school, where he dropped out at fourteen. His parents soon divorced, and Barron went to live with his father. His father, though, was physically and mentally abusive, demanding strict military standards of his son. Instead of allowing a normal childhood of fun and adventure, his father suited him up in construction boots and took him to construction sites on the weekend. Though still a boy, he worked washing concrete finishing tools late into the evening, instilling a strong work ethic. All the while, his mother Julie kept Mark on a path towards success through her praise and steadying presence.

Barron joined the carpenters union in 1975. While working as a carpenter’s assistant, he sold perfume and other merchandise from the trunk of his vehicle, which soon garnered more money than construction work. It was this realization that he could make more money promoting products and thinking outside the box that paved Barron’s path as an entrepreneur and inventor. He could see that there were only two paths in life to choose from: a life of financial hardship, or relentless hard work and sacrifice toward success.

Barron’s success was not always predictable. He expanded his entrepreneurial efforts by opening his own concrete company, specializing in gate entrances. In 1979, he invented and patented the “Chemo Cap” to prevent alopecia caused by chemotherapy, an invention that remains on the cutting edge of medical technology today. However, Barron’s Chemo Cap patent was not broad enough to protect itself from being exploited and modified by existing industry players and Barron was suddenly struggling to stay financially afloat. In 1982, he founded a legal referral consulting firm that worked with well known trial lawyers such as Melvin Belli and Browne Greene, and soon returned to success.

With the profits accumulated from his legal referral consulting firm, along with the expertise he gained by witnessing personal injury firsthand, Barron launched his highly successful company Public Transportation Safety International (PTS) in 1993. As founder and CEO of PTS, he invented the S-1 Gard Dangerzone Deflector for transit buses, designed to deflect a person out of the path of the wheels, preventing pedestrian and cyclist injuries. The S-1 GARD is currently installed on bus fleets in major cities such as Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Along the way, Barron patented and released the MDZ Shield for school buses, designed for child safety.

Barron's CapitalCrew Organization, which includes PTS, currently owns a substantial real estate portfolio, drug rehabilitation facility, and other innovative projects.

Barron is currently shaping the future by developing new technology and bringing to life his vision of a 21st century consumer delivery-on-demand service. This patented new delivery system, Consumeron, could prove to be a paradigm shift in e-commerce that will overshadow the likes of

Mark Bowen Barron is happily single and lives in Bel-Air, California.